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Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set

Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set



A massive three-volume book collection that features the entire first decade of Ctrl+Alt+Del! From the first comic to the end of the original Ethan and Lucas story line, and everything in between. Three books, ten years, 1088 pages, nearly 2500 comic strips, all in one nifty set.

The set includes:

  • Every Ctrl+Alt+Del comic published on the website between 2002 and November 2012.
  • Nearly 50 additional comics that were never published on the website. Comics that were offered to donors, exclusive to other books, made for special events or game projects, etc.
  • The first 450 Sillies strips.
  • Wallpapers and artwork and t-shirt designs spanning the first decade, collected together for the first time.
  • Commentary and behind-the-scenes information throughout the books
  • The box-set exclusive extended ending to the original Ethan and Lucas story. An additional 12 comics worth of content that tells the story of what happened after "Endings... And Beginnings."

Book I and Book II contain everything related to the main story of Ethan and Lucas. Everything that I considered "canon" and relevant to their ten-year arc. With the unrelated one-shots removed, these two books focus entirely on the main cast of characters and their adventures. 

Especially later on in the comic's run, there would sometimes be 2-3 months of one-shots in between stories about the main cast. With this book set, for the first time ever, there are no such interruptions. This set also includes the massive "Game Games Bowl" short story in its entirety.

Book III contains... well, everything else! All of the gaming one-shots, Players stuff, Chef Brian, the Sillies, the Ethan MacManus: Space Archeologist issues, etc. Ten years worth of gaming references, random antics and pop-culture commentary.

Each 8"x12" book is a cloth-wrapped, foil-stamped hardcover, and includes a high-quality matte dust jacket with front/back synergy artwork. The title and volume number reside on the spine. Inside, the comics are arranged two-per-page, side by side on quality matte art stock. Each comic is printed from my original, high-resolution Photoshop files and is accompanied by the title and original publish date.

The set also comes with a cloth-wrapped and foil-stamped slipcase to house/display the three volumes.

Note: This product ships from a warehouse in the US, and as such is primarily directed towards US and Canadian customers due to its extremely high weight (17lbs!). We can ship it overseas, but it is ridiculously expensive. Sorry :(